Custom Printed Products Returns

Custom printed promotional items can be returned if they meet one of the following criteria:

1.      They are misprinted – Peck’s Graphics provides a free PDF-proof for every order of custom printed products that we sell. We email an actual size, proof of your item so that you can inspect how the final print will be. With this proof, we ask that you check the overall size to make sure you are happy with the print area, the layout of the design, and spelling. It is your responsibility to check this BEFORE you approve your proof. We do require proof approval BEFORE any order is submitted for production. If you approve the proof and the final imprint is not the same, then you may be eligible for a return or a reprint. Contact us PRIOR to making any returns, since unauthorized returns will not be accepted, and it will incur additional shipping charges for you.


2.      The imprint quality is poor - With bulk printing of promotional items, it is common for a very small percentage of the items to have minor flaws that are not considered poor quality. However, if you receive your items and feel the imprint quality should have been better, contact us and we will gladly work with you on a reprint of those items or a refund of the flawed items.

PLEASE NOTE:  The laser engraving and sand blasting methods we employ are not the equivalent of a 1200 dpi printer.  There can be a tradeoff of overall quality between the proof and the product imprint. Large, bold graphics and text are indistinguishable from proof to product.  However, characters of less than 8 points or graphics with fine, thin lines will lose some of their dynamic appearance when compared with the proof.  We think of these situations as naturally losing 10% of the quality when these extreme applications are mandated.  This is also addressed in the next section, under items that cannot be returned.

3.      Your order did not arrive in time - If you let us know your event date before ordering, we will guarantee that we ship in time. We cannot be held responsible if UPS or any other carrier does not deliver in the expected delivery time frame. If we do NOT ship by the required ship date for normal shipping time to get to your location, we will accept a return. For example, if your event date is on a Friday morning, we will check the UPS transit time to your location. If UPS time is 3 days, then we will ship by the Monday before your event to allow 3 business days so that your package will arrive on Thursday. If UPS delays for any reason, we will file a claim on your behalf with UPS. UPS or any other shipping carrier cannot be held responsible for inclement weather, natural or man-made disasters, or other uncontrollable means that may cause delay.



The following criteria represent reasons that items can NOT be returned:

1.      Small imprint size - We send all proofs at actual size (with a few exceptions for large format printing) and we expect that you will print the proof at 100% size to inspect the final imprint. We are always up front about the maximum imprint size for each product and we cannot be held responsible if you don't inspect the imprint area or fully review the proof.


2.      You are not happy with the quality of the item - We encourage you to buy a sample of any item that you will be purchasing in bulk, particularly if you have never ordered that exact item from us in the past. We do try to only sell quality items; however, with promotional items, there are many "cheap" products that many people want to give away in mass. If high quality is a must, then please request a sample or speak to one of our customer service reps before ordering to inquire about the product quality. Product pricing typically matches the level of quality of an item.  For example, if you buy a 30-cent ink pen, don't expect to receive a premium executive pen.


3.      Imprint color is a few shades different than expected - Unless you are requesting an exact PMS color match, which is an extra cost, then your items will be printed with standard ink colors for that factory. If your imprint color is critical, then please order a spec sample so you can verify the colors. 


4.      You missed a typo on your proof - We send an exact copy of the final print to avoid this situation. We expect that you will take the time to carefully check each proof for accuracy. Even if we created the typo when we laid out your proof, you are ultimately responsible for proofing it for accuracy.

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